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Re-Textured Festival:
Digital Invitiation

Progressive Design Course

3rd Year 2021

Collaborated project

The immersive festival combines experimental electronic music, modernist and industrial architecture, and innovative lightning installations across London.

My parts: UX, typography, prototyping in Figma and After Effects.

Due to Covid-19, the festival will take place outdoors at brutalist landmarks across London.

This web invitation aims to tease the exclusive audience to wander the virtual space and have a taste of the upcoming experience.

Following our research on EDM and Brutalism, we created a multi-layered space, where information isn't always in sight, and there is a repetition occurring all over.


The composition reveals only part of the screen at a time and the user has to navigate around in order to explore the rest.

The challenge was to make the user stay oriented.

We used some sticky buttons to frame the image and a mini-map for easy navigation.

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